Water Leaks: Where to Start Checking

As long as there is a continuous water usage in your home, there is a good chance that water leaks may happen, especially if your water pipes are just the standard ones. The evidence that a water leakage is already present in your home is a high water bill. You should have your plumbing system checked as soon as possible. You do not want to pay for something that you have not used.


It is best to call a local plumber to investigate on the leakage. Residential plumbers should be able to provide in-home services for regular home owners. You may also try to locate the water leak on your own so that things will be so much easier for the plumber when he arrives. He could go on with the repair right away once you have spotted where the leak is. You can personally check your faucet, toilets, and shower heads for damages. However, you should avoid trying to repair the leak on your own. You might worsen the situation if ever you do so. Plumbers use special products to seal leaks, or in some cases, they might recommend you to get a replacement instead.


Where You Should Check for Water Leaks

Did you know a single faucet that drips once per second can waste roughly 3,000 gallons of water per year? Go into each bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room (for those with a utility sink) and inspect each faucet, the handles, and the plumbing underneath the sink. Many faucets leak because of worn out washers and gaskets, so a quick faucet repair can save you some serious cash when it comes time to pay your monthly water bill. You can read the full article at http://lentheplumber.com/blog/where-you-should-check-for-water-leaks.


There are indicators that you might need to change some of your plumbing systems. Non-functional water heaters should be replaced, especially if the damages are already non-repairable. If your current plumbing system is constantly getting water leaks, it might be time to have them replaced, especially if you had it for a long time already. It is normal for water heaters, and other plumbing machines, to wear off after several years of usage.


Five Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

One of the first signs of a broken water heater is little to no hot water. When you turn your shower or faucets on, the water might be considerably cooler than it usually is. Or, the hot water may run out quickly. When these issues occur, a failing heating element is sometimes to blame. Or, mineral sediment may have covered the bottom of your unit and hardened. If you would like to view the full article, visit its main source.


A smooth water flow in your home can only be achieved once you have installed a high-quality plumbing system. You should only seek for professional assistance during its installation. A regularly maintenance should also be observed in order to keep everything functional. Always remember that you will still need the services of a plumber if there is a need for repairs in your plumbing systems.


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Press Release – Castle Hill 24 Hour Plumbers & Emergency Plumbing Contractors Services Announced

The popular Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros announced an expansion of its trusted and coveted plumbing services available 24/7 for homes and business establishments in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia.

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The Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros is an acclaimed, licensed and well-known team of plumbing contractors based in Castle Hill, Sydney, sought after by most local home and business owners for its years of experience providing some of the most reliable, quick and convenient plumbing assistance at prices anyone can afford.

The renowned plumbing contractors have announced an expansion of the complete and coveted range of plumbing services it has available 24/7 for homeowners and business establishments in need of urgent, reliable assistance with anything from blocked drains to burst pipes, leaking toilets or tap, gas and hot water problems in the Hills District of Sydney.

Its premiere range of plumbing services is delivered by a team of licensed, seasoned contractors able to cater to any minor or major plumbing problem at home or at the work place and complex pipe, water heater and drain or sewer inspections, cleanings, repairs or installations with the quick, courteous service that avoids disrupting the family’s daily activities or business operations.

Free estimates and consultations with Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros and more information on their complete range of commercial and residential plumbing services, including their 24 hour emergency assistance, drain or sewer services and bathroom or kitchen remodeling solutions can be requested at 02 8310-4463 or through the website link provided above along with multiple client testimonials, DIY plumbing tips and details on its full Hills District service area.

The Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros team explains that “our company is one of, if not the best, among the most well-known plumbing service providers all over Castle Hill because we understand promptness is essential when confronted with any plumbing issue. Our team of experienced and professional plumbers offers a quality of service that is second to none and is prepared to take a call at any time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, even on holidays.”

Contact Info:
Name: George Styles
Email: info@castlehillemergencyplumber.com.au
Organization: Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros
Phone: +61-2-8310-4463

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Warning About Flexible Braid Pipes

Today, the Sydney Morning Herald has written an article on the damage caused by flexi hose under residential kitchen sinks. We have been warning of the dangers of this cheap fixture for years. We have received countless emergency call-outs over the years for flooded kitchens, caused by these flexible braid pipes leaking.

We always advise our clients to regularly check the pipes under their sink for signs of corrosion. These pipes only have a 10 year warranty, and the chances are that your home is vulnerable to flooding if your kitchen was installed over 5 years ago.

If you have any concrens, please do not hesitate to contact us, Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros, on (02) 8310 4463.

The full artice can be read here.



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The World of Experienced Plumbers

http://images.mentalfloss.com/sites/default/files/styles/article_640x430/public/istock_000053912806_small.jpgPlumbing services are quite complicated to understand for regular individuals. The only people who could handle the installation of plumbing systems in a building are plumbers. Professional home plumbers can even help homeowners conserve energy use in their homes. There are several things that a plumber can help you with. A plumber can install drainage and pipes for the shower, sewers, and toilets. They can also improve the plumbing systems in the home by replacing or repairing old water pipes. If you wish to install a water filtration system in your home, simply call a plumber.

Although plumbing services can be found anywhere in the city, not all of them offer the same quality of work. Only professional plumbers can get the job done efficiently. In order to get the optimum results, only hire a plumber that has years of experience in his field of work. Only an experienced plumber can provide your home a fully functioning plumbing system. Experienced plumbers are also those that have a plumbing license already. Plumbing licenses can only be acquired by someone who has finished a series of training for plumbing services.

Only Plumbers With Experience Are Worth Hiring

If you consider that the basic plumber will understand how to fix leaky pipes, how to repair damaged cisterns and how to upgrade water systems in general; and then compare that to those with advanced services – the differences will soon make themselves known. For example, an advanced plumber will be able to do all of the above, as well as more tasking responsibilities, such as the installation and maintenance of water features and other similar activities. Read more at http://ozblog.net.au/2016/08/plumbers/

The easiest way for you to get a reliable plumber is through plumbing agencies. These agencies only employ experienced plumbers to their clients. Once you get to the right agency, you will be guaranteed to have a professional plumber. Simply make sure that they offer after-care services to their clients. This means that if any plumbing issues occur after some time, the same agency would still look at it with no cost.

Friendly Customer Service

We love providing the best plumbing services in our areas, it’s what we do. And because we are having a great time doing a great job every time, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the experience as well. Our plumbers know how to smile and give a firm handshake, just as much as they know how to fix a busted pipe. Have your water meter replaced and make friends in the process. Get the full article at this site.

If you are still hesitating to get a plumber because of the cost, you must understand that the rates of plumbing services are not so costly, especially for homeowners. Most home plumbing systems require minor effort for the plumbers so they should not charge you a lot for it. For large establishments, however, plumbing services can be quite expensive.


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Plumbing Services: A Quick Overview

http://www.jordan-plumbing.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/jordan31.jpgThe installation and maintenance of water and drainage in plumbing systems can only be handled by a plumber. Plumbing services are very common in any city nowadays. This is simply due to the rising number of establishments and residential areas in urban areas. Plumbing services are required before a building construction can be completed. In fact, a plumber coordinates with the engineer on how the pipelines should be installed in a building. Plumbing services need expertise to avoid future problems. However, if water pipe issues occur sometime later after the construction, a plumber could always provide a remedy for it.

When hiring a plumber, you must consider a couple of things. Plumbing is quite a complicated job so it can only be done by someone who has undergone training for it. A plumber must have a plumbing license before he could perform his duty. There are a just a few requirements before a plumber could get a license. One of which is completing a series of training. It is advisable to hire a plumber that is reliable during emergency situations because water pipe problems need to be solved as soon as possible.

How to hire a plumber

Choosing a plumber isn’t rocket science, but there are definitely a few things you’ll need to consider to ensure you’re getting the best person for the job – and the best possible price. When you choose, keep the following things in mind: LOCATION – Is the plumber you’re looking at local to your area? Does the plumber understand the local council rules? Most plumbers only service a particular area – and if they need to travel, may charge you for the privilege. See more by clicking this link.

Although you can also do some simple troubleshooting to solve a water pipe issue in the home, it will not guarantee you that you will not be facing the same problem anymore. Hiring a professional plumber is more efficient and convenient on your part. If you are thinking about the cost of professional plumbing services, just think of it as an investment to make. It is you who will benefit it the most anyway.

Cost of Plumbing Services

A standard plumbing service costs around $80/hr in 2016. The complexity of the tasks will affect the total cost, but plumbing prices range from $69/hr to $88/hr on average. Simple jobs like fixing a leaky tap costs much less than something complicated like fixing a blocked drainage or sewer. The full article can be found here: https://www.serviceseeking.com.au/blog/cost-of-plumbing/

Once you get the best plumbing services for your property, you should expect that you will not experience any pipeline issues for some time. It is not a guarantee, however, that you will not need the aid of a plumber anymore forever. Regular maintenance is still necessary to keep your water pipes in stable condition.

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Solve Plumbing Issues During The Holidays With These Tips

Whenever you are going to spend your holidays someplace else, you can sense that there is a risk of something that is going to happen untoward in your home. It could be that, there will be problems in your plumbing which you will encounter as you return from your holiday trip. For instance, a leaky tap could be a headache that you will face upon arriving home, which can cause water wastage and even that of flooding. Thus, it is essential that you will know of some quick fix so that you will never be worried when these situations arise.

Image Credits: https://www.networkplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Screen-Shot-2016-11-16-at-8.58.22-am-768x782.png

You will see that if you are going to follow the important tips when it comes to troubleshooting any plumbing works, then you can have a stress free vacation; and that is essentially something that you will gain peace of mind from.

How To Prevent Plumbing Problems During Holiday Travel

Clean out gutters and other areas

Maybe you’ve been putting it off, or maybe you’ve just been busy as the year wraps up, but cleaning out your gutters, taps, sinks and other areas before you jet off is a must. With Sydney summers bringing their fair share of rainy days, clogged gutters can be a nightmare if left for too long. The leaf litter and other debris is known to reek as it decomposes and will most likely block water flow.

Cleaning your taps and sinks also helps to maintain any fixtures you might have; but remember to be gentle! Harsh, abrasive cleansers can often do more damage than good, so use vinegar and a toothbrush or cloth instead.

Get your house checked by your local plumber

Have you been ignoring that leaky tap on the second floor bathroom? Maybe there’s a spot that’s always leaking whenever it rains, but you’ve gotten used to the bucket in the corner to catch the drips? Now is the perfect time to get your house checked out, before something happens while you’re not home!

We’ve seen it all, and we’re familiar with the nasty emergency plumbing situations that can happen while you’re gone. Getting a professional to have a look will not only give you peace of mind before you hit the road, but a proactive checkup may prevent larger plumbing problems down the track. And best of all — you won’t return to that tap tripping in the background anymore. Get details on plumbing works here…

For any plumbing issues, there will always be the right solutions for it. That is why, it is better to not fret about whatever problems that you are encountering at home. And it would be a great deal that you have a contact number of a plumber, so you can immediately have the issues settled once and for all—with just a phone call away. These matters are what will guide and help you through so that you can get the right results in the end.

Time To Fix Your Water Pressure Issues

Low pressure

You may notice low water pressure more often in the shower as the water is flowing slowly and it’s hard to rinse away soap and the kitchen sink and storing water might take forever. To determine if the water pressure is right, you may use a water pressure gauge that you may purchase from any plumbing shop in Australia.

A leaky pipe would mean wasting water, increasing your bill and cause potential damage to your home. To check a leak, turn off first all appliances that use water and see water meter reading. For two hours, stop using water and see if the meter reading increases. If it does, then there’s a leak.

Low pressure is a result of different factors including mineral deposit from hard water and other pipe restrictions, and even a low water municipality. For low water municipality you can fix the low pressure by using pressure tank where you can raise water pressure in your fixtures automatically.

High Pressure

Check if you have excessive water pressure. You will feel that water comes too hard from the fixture or you often hear a loud sound every time you turn off the faucet. Several reasons are behind high water pressure. These include severe strain on pipes, fixtures and fittings, low level home location or proximity to a huge building with great water needs. You can see more plumbing solutions on this site: http://blog.youplumbing.com.au/water-pressure-issues/.

Never hesitate to ask a plumber for any help so that you will get the right results in no time. It is an important consideration to always make sure that someone professional is going to solve whatever plumbing issues that you may be having along the way. A clear and urgent solution to whatever plumbing issues that you are having at home is what is needed.

Source: http://castlehillemergencyplumber.com.au/2017/02/27/solve-plumbing-issues-during-the-holidays-with-these-tips/

Tips in Keeping Your Drains in Check

Plumbing works is a substantial aspect that you need to focus on as a homeowner. It is necessary that you will have regular maintenance for your plumbing so that you can always see to it that your life at home will never be delayed. There are certain measures that you have to be very familiar of so that you can be sure that no amount of clog can ever render your plumbing at home useless. It is important that you will have the basic knowledge in ensuring that your drain is in perfect shape all the time.

Image Credits: http://www.taiirwin.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/north-shore-hot-water-installation.jpg

You have to consider the fact that a clogged drain needs the help and skills of an experience plumber so that you can be sure that it will function at its best all the time. Your life will never be put on hold when you regularly have your drain checked. Read on the important details below so that you will have a good insight on what to do with your drain.

Germ Hotspots Worse Than Your Toilet Seat

You may consider yourself a clean freak, never touching bus poles or the buttons at pedestrian crossing and all that, but there are plenty of places where germs lurk that you may have never thought about. Da da da dum! Approach these spots with caution…

  1. Fridge seals

Considering what you keep in there, you want to keep your fridge spick and span, right?. The same goes for the rubber cushioning that surrounds your dishwasher. Take a close look at the edges and make sure you wipe them at least once a week with disinfectant or a bleach solution.

  1. Crack in crockery

Ever noticed a crack in your crockery? That old dish may look clean, but that crack is likely to harbour thousands of germs and bacteria. The same applies with chopping boards. If it starts to develop deep makes from knife cuts, it’s time to replace.

  1. Vacuum cleaner

You may associate your Hoover with cleanliness, but it’s one of the most germ-laden appliances in your possession. Your vacuum chamber houses much more than harmless hair and dust bunnies. A study published in the journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology shows that vacuum bags and brushes are riddled with spreadable bacteria – with some even carrying antibiotic resistance genes. Thoroughly clean any compartments and attachments with dish soap and warm water, run an old comb over the brush and clear residue from the filter. Get Detailed explanation about plumbing here…

There will be times where you are left to wonder as what caused your drain to be blocked no matter what you do on it. It is in this instance that you need to call a professional for help so that you can be assured that the drain is going to remain functional. You will realize that you can fully make use of your drain when a professional is going to troubleshoot whatever kind of problems that it may actually have.

Brisbane Blocked Drain Plumber

This year has not been a wet year by any means. Lack of rainfall has meant the ground in most of South East Qld and Brisbane has been very dry. This dry environment causes the sub soil on your property to start to crack, and move around slightly. When you have a fixed sewer drain below ground this is easily broken as it cannot resist the huge strength of moving earth. Even a slight movement is enough to cause a crack in the drainage pipework.

A small crack in the drainage pipe can lead to 2 things –
1 – Any vegetation below ground in close proximity will strive to get to as much water as possible to survive and grow. So naturally it will gravitate to the broken pipe. This causes tree roots etc to build up in the drain line as it continues to flourish inside the pipe due to so much constant water flowing through it.
2 – Movement in the pipe causes an imbalance in the pipe which will create sharp edges protruding into the pipe. This will then lead to solids, and paper catching on this edge and starting to create a buildup of debris. This will lead to a blockage.

We recommend a full check of your sewer line. We can organise a camera inspection and good water jet clean of the pipe to assess that all is well. If any areas are in need of repair we can alert you to this and show you exactly where and at what depth. We can then provide you with a quotation to repair this if you wish. More plumbing tips can be found on this site: http://www.citiplumbing.com.au/blocked-drain-plumber-brisbane/.

Having a good and expert plumber to assist you with your drain at home is going to save you from all the hassles that you may be experiencing. It is important that you will choose the best there is available for you to find, so that you can be sure of good results. You need to build good working relationship with this people so that you can always enjoy high quality kind of service being rendered to you.

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