The Bad Side of Chemical Drain Cleaning

Cleaning your drainage system is a part of its regular maintenance. As a regular home owner, you may choose to clean your plumbing system with over-the-counter chemical products. Although most cleaning products in the market today can thoroughly clean water pipes, many of them have chemical susbtances that can potentially reduce the overall durability of the pipes. It is true that chemical drain cleaning is the fastest solution to clogged water pipes. However, it is not the best approach for clearing the pipes of your kitchen and your bathroom.


The best thing that you can do to resolve clogged water pipes is to call a professional plumber. Plumbers use special equipments to unclog pipes. In some cases, they also use mild chemicals to clean plumbing systems. There are many different kinds of drain cleaners in the market today. There are those that are in liquid, gel, and powder forms. Nonetheless, they all work in the same way. Once a drain cleaning product is applied, it creates a chemical reaction that acts as electrons in the blockage. After a period off time, it dissolves the clogs in the drain.


Why Chemical Drain Cleaning Is Bad for Your Plumbing

Try using a plunger first. After that, you can try a sewer snake, or auger, available at any store that sells plumbing supplies. You can also rent one of these “pipe snakes” from your local big-box home improvement retailer or hardware store. You can read the entire article at


Water consumption in the home must be kept a certain level. Too much water usage can cause leakages to the water pipes. If you are planning to install an outdoor misting system in your property, make sure that you have installed the proper plumbing system beforehand. An outdoor misting system can have many advantages. But there are precautions to follow upon its installation.


The Pros & Cons of Outdoor Misting Systems

With concerns about energy use, water consumption, and climate change, more and more people are looking for better and more efficient ways of cooling off during hot summer days. One option that’s gaining popularity is the outdoor misting system. If you’ve ever been to an amusement park during the summer or visited warmer climates, you’ve probably encountered a misting system at some point. In parks, open air shopping malls, and other crowded public locations, these usually take the form of large towers that spray mist across passing crowds. More information can be found at the main site.


It is always important to seek for professional advice if you are not sure with what you are planning to do. Ask from your friends or neighbors for suggestions on the best plumbers in your local area. You may also search through the internet for a plumbing company that can help you out with your concerns. You can only have a smooth water system in your home if you do so.

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