Tips in Keeping Your Drains in Check

Plumbing works is a substantial aspect that you need to focus on as a homeowner. It is necessary that you will have regular maintenance for your plumbing so that you can always see to it that your life at home will never be delayed. There are certain measures that you have to be very familiar of so that you can be sure that no amount of clog can ever render your plumbing at home useless. It is important that you will have the basic knowledge in ensuring that your drain is in perfect shape all the time.

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You have to consider the fact that a clogged drain needs the help and skills of an experience plumber so that you can be sure that it will function at its best all the time. Your life will never be put on hold when you regularly have your drain checked. Read on the important details below so that you will have a good insight on what to do with your drain.

Germ Hotspots Worse Than Your Toilet Seat

You may consider yourself a clean freak, never touching bus poles or the buttons at pedestrian crossing and all that, but there are plenty of places where germs lurk that you may have never thought about. Da da da dum! Approach these spots with caution…

  1. Fridge seals

Considering what you keep in there, you want to keep your fridge spick and span, right?. The same goes for the rubber cushioning that surrounds your dishwasher. Take a close look at the edges and make sure you wipe them at least once a week with disinfectant or a bleach solution.

  1. Crack in crockery

Ever noticed a crack in your crockery? That old dish may look clean, but that crack is likely to harbour thousands of germs and bacteria. The same applies with chopping boards. If it starts to develop deep makes from knife cuts, it’s time to replace.

  1. Vacuum cleaner

You may associate your Hoover with cleanliness, but it’s one of the most germ-laden appliances in your possession. Your vacuum chamber houses much more than harmless hair and dust bunnies. A study published in the journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology shows that vacuum bags and brushes are riddled with spreadable bacteria – with some even carrying antibiotic resistance genes. Thoroughly clean any compartments and attachments with dish soap and warm water, run an old comb over the brush and clear residue from the filter. Get Detailed explanation about plumbing here…

There will be times where you are left to wonder as what caused your drain to be blocked no matter what you do on it. It is in this instance that you need to call a professional for help so that you can be assured that the drain is going to remain functional. You will realize that you can fully make use of your drain when a professional is going to troubleshoot whatever kind of problems that it may actually have.

Brisbane Blocked Drain Plumber

This year has not been a wet year by any means. Lack of rainfall has meant the ground in most of South East Qld and Brisbane has been very dry. This dry environment causes the sub soil on your property to start to crack, and move around slightly. When you have a fixed sewer drain below ground this is easily broken as it cannot resist the huge strength of moving earth. Even a slight movement is enough to cause a crack in the drainage pipework.

A small crack in the drainage pipe can lead to 2 things –
1 – Any vegetation below ground in close proximity will strive to get to as much water as possible to survive and grow. So naturally it will gravitate to the broken pipe. This causes tree roots etc to build up in the drain line as it continues to flourish inside the pipe due to so much constant water flowing through it.
2 – Movement in the pipe causes an imbalance in the pipe which will create sharp edges protruding into the pipe. This will then lead to solids, and paper catching on this edge and starting to create a buildup of debris. This will lead to a blockage.

We recommend a full check of your sewer line. We can organise a camera inspection and good water jet clean of the pipe to assess that all is well. If any areas are in need of repair we can alert you to this and show you exactly where and at what depth. We can then provide you with a quotation to repair this if you wish. More plumbing tips can be found on this site:

Having a good and expert plumber to assist you with your drain at home is going to save you from all the hassles that you may be experiencing. It is important that you will choose the best there is available for you to find, so that you can be sure of good results. You need to build good working relationship with this people so that you can always enjoy high quality kind of service being rendered to you.



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