Why You Need To Pay Close Attention To Your Plumbing Works?

There are a lot of plumbing complaints that most homeowners have at home. It could be that their drain is clogged, or that their sewers are not functioning; while there are also some that are affected by the leaking showers or faucets for that matter. Whenever you are having all these problems at home, then you must immediately call expert professional for help who will assist and help you all the way. You do not want that your comfort at home will be delayed, and that is why, you need to solve all these issues immediately.

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There are so many benefits that you will essentially enjoy when you are going to call the right people for all the drain issues that you may be having. You can always be functional when you know that these professionals are going to help and assist you all throughout.

Warning Signs Of A Leaking Shower

Did you know that one in three households in Australia are effected with one of the following symptoms…

Mouldy or swollen skirting boards, dampness or mould build up

Paint peeling on bathroom walls or downstairs ceiling

Damp musty smell, wet carpet or wallpaper

Stained timbers under the house or sub floor

Cracked or loose tiles in the shower

Missing & cracked grout in the shower recess

These are the signs that your shower could be leaking and require repair.

The most common causes are:

Building movement (especially in the second floor of a house)

Inadequate waterproofing (product application not done properly)

Tiles laid too soon (membrane can’t dry before tiles are laid)

No fall to the waste (constant risk of water damage)

Screens not sealed correctly (water can easily escape the cubicle)

When you have a leaking shower, it’s best to contact a professional plumber. Trying to solve the problem on your own is messy and can even be dangerous. At Network Plumbing, we can help. To learn more about plumbing works, click here…

It is important that you will read on some important insights about plumbing; so that you can gain knowledge on basic troubleshooting whenever you are going to encounter plumbing problems. You can be assured of the right results when you are going to know the basic troubleshooting tips about the plumbing industry. There are certain matters that you have to put at heart so that you can always get things done at home when you have to.

Plumbing Industry Insights from Australia

The plumbing industry is integral to the Australian economy. The reason for this is that pipes are used in every building in Australia. The services offered by the plumbing industry include the installation, repair and maintenance of pipes.

Industry Description

There are 50,250 plumbers in Australia and another 30,000 people that are employed within the industry across a variety of roles. The plumbing industry is highly fragmented with 25,250 businesses in Australia. There are many small contractors; 51% of businesses have no employees and 48% have between one and 19 employees. The average revenue is $514,851 and the average profit is $67,327. Profits accounts for 12.7% of revenue.

The industry is highly regulated with strict product and installation compliance requirements. Most plumbers focus on a narrow geographic area or a specialised service. There are some larger players in the market, however, their focus is on long term maintenance. Facilities management firms are expected to grow in the future as large long-term contracts across many trades are expected to increase.

Market Conditions

The industry has experienced variable demand conditions since the early 2000s. There has been solid growth over the past 5 years despite poor demand from most building markets. Industry revenue has increased annually by an average by 0.9% over the past 5 years to total $13 billion in revenue for this year. Demand from commercial building construction is expected to increase by 1.1% and new housing which is predicted to decrease by 1.7% this year. The low interest rates currently set by the Reserve Bank of Australia are expected to stimulate household spending and business expenditure.

In the past the global financial crisis has resulted in a decrease in demand from business and consumers. However, federal government economy stimulus resulted in an increased demand for plumbing services. The first home owner’s grant, the education construction stimulus and the solar hot-water systems government rebates have all resulted in steady growth for the industry. Regardless of government stimulus, the number of plumbing businesses contracted during 2012-13 by 3.4%. The withdrawal of government stimulus has had a negative impact on the industry.

Natural disaster relief provided by plumbers to the residents affected by the 2010-2011 Queensland floods provided a boost for the industry.

The market demand for plumbers is made up of 40% residential building companies, 30% non-residential builders and property managers, 20% households and residential property managers. The geographical distribution of plumbers mirrors the population and construction areas. Supplemental plumbing facts are found on this site: https://www.studor.net/blog/2015/09/plumbing-industry-insights-from-australia/.

Plumbing is something that has to be taken seriously, although it is something that is often overlooked by most homeowners. You must ensure that there is regular maintenance in the plumbing works that you have at home so that you can be assured of great results in the end. You must be able to see how the plumbing works can fully give you a life of comfort at home—and you can enjoy so, when you regularly maintain your plumbing system in its peak form.

Source: http://castlehillemergencyplumber.com.au/2017/02/06/why-you-need-to-pay-close-attention-to-your-plumbing-works/


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