Tips in Keeping Your Drains in Check

Plumbing works is a substantial aspect that you need to focus on as a homeowner. It is necessary that you will have regular maintenance for your plumbing so that you can always see to it that your life at home will never be delayed. There are certain measures that you have to be very familiar of so that you can be sure that no amount of clog can ever render your plumbing at home useless. It is important that you will have the basic knowledge in ensuring that your drain is in perfect shape all the time.

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You have to consider the fact that a clogged drain needs the help and skills of an experience plumber so that you can be sure that it will function at its best all the time. Your life will never be put on hold when you regularly have your drain checked. Read on the important details below so that you will have a good insight on what to do with your drain.

Germ Hotspots Worse Than Your Toilet Seat

You may consider yourself a clean freak, never touching bus poles or the buttons at pedestrian crossing and all that, but there are plenty of places where germs lurk that you may have never thought about. Da da da dum! Approach these spots with caution…

  1. Fridge seals

Considering what you keep in there, you want to keep your fridge spick and span, right?. The same goes for the rubber cushioning that surrounds your dishwasher. Take a close look at the edges and make sure you wipe them at least once a week with disinfectant or a bleach solution.

  1. Crack in crockery

Ever noticed a crack in your crockery? That old dish may look clean, but that crack is likely to harbour thousands of germs and bacteria. The same applies with chopping boards. If it starts to develop deep makes from knife cuts, it’s time to replace.

  1. Vacuum cleaner

You may associate your Hoover with cleanliness, but it’s one of the most germ-laden appliances in your possession. Your vacuum chamber houses much more than harmless hair and dust bunnies. A study published in the journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology shows that vacuum bags and brushes are riddled with spreadable bacteria – with some even carrying antibiotic resistance genes. Thoroughly clean any compartments and attachments with dish soap and warm water, run an old comb over the brush and clear residue from the filter. Get Detailed explanation about plumbing here…

There will be times where you are left to wonder as what caused your drain to be blocked no matter what you do on it. It is in this instance that you need to call a professional for help so that you can be assured that the drain is going to remain functional. You will realize that you can fully make use of your drain when a professional is going to troubleshoot whatever kind of problems that it may actually have.

Brisbane Blocked Drain Plumber

This year has not been a wet year by any means. Lack of rainfall has meant the ground in most of South East Qld and Brisbane has been very dry. This dry environment causes the sub soil on your property to start to crack, and move around slightly. When you have a fixed sewer drain below ground this is easily broken as it cannot resist the huge strength of moving earth. Even a slight movement is enough to cause a crack in the drainage pipework.

A small crack in the drainage pipe can lead to 2 things –
1 – Any vegetation below ground in close proximity will strive to get to as much water as possible to survive and grow. So naturally it will gravitate to the broken pipe. This causes tree roots etc to build up in the drain line as it continues to flourish inside the pipe due to so much constant water flowing through it.
2 – Movement in the pipe causes an imbalance in the pipe which will create sharp edges protruding into the pipe. This will then lead to solids, and paper catching on this edge and starting to create a buildup of debris. This will lead to a blockage.

We recommend a full check of your sewer line. We can organise a camera inspection and good water jet clean of the pipe to assess that all is well. If any areas are in need of repair we can alert you to this and show you exactly where and at what depth. We can then provide you with a quotation to repair this if you wish. More plumbing tips can be found on this site:

Having a good and expert plumber to assist you with your drain at home is going to save you from all the hassles that you may be experiencing. It is important that you will choose the best there is available for you to find, so that you can be sure of good results. You need to build good working relationship with this people so that you can always enjoy high quality kind of service being rendered to you.


Your Guide To Choosing The Right Plumbing Services

It is not up to any homeowners to take into their own hands any problems arising from plumbing systems at home. Keep in mind that the plumbing system is actually a complex one that is composed of pipes, drains and a lot of fixtures for that matter. Having a well regulated plumbing system can ensure that there is enough distribution of water in the house. That is why, if you do not want to be bothered by the faulty plumbing system, then you need to call a professional for help.

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For any plumbing problems that you have, it is always essential that you will choose a company that will provide you with the right kind of services so that you can enjoy their services just when you need it. You need to always choose a company that is going to provide you with a wide array of plumbing services.

What Does Plumbing Services Involve?

Water Supply

We need water every day for everything from drinking, washing, laundry, watering plants and many more things. The common problems associated with your water supply which your encounter commonly are broken overflowing toilets, leaking taps and also leaking pipes forming small puddles under your sink. The main work of plumbers in water supply is the building, fitting, repair, maintenance, modification, replacement and testing of any water supply related service.

Gas Fitting

The work done upon the machines, pipes, fittings, ducts, equipment and any other device which is associated with the distribution and use of gas are known as gas fittings. Gas plumbing is a very specialized field area and needs experienced professionals to deal with it. Since, one leak in the gas system can lead to hazardous results. Certified plumbers and extra qualifications are required to deal with the gas fittings of LPG. You need food every day, don’t you? Well the proper gas fittings should be your first priority.


The sanitary fixtures and appliances like toilets, showers, sink, basins, washing machine and dishwashers come under the sanitary category. The above ground sanitary system, disposal system and a below ground sanitary system with septic tank or sewer line drainage are part of Sanitary. Toilets are to be used every day by everyone, so a secure and durable sanitary system is must.


Roofing involves the drainage and collection of roof water. The roof flashing and roof covering also comes under roofing. The functionality is to ensure a secure roof and protection against heavy rains and storm water. Read through this link to get detailed info about plumbing services.

Thus, if you see that your plumbing services is clogged, then you can always depend on some basic troubleshooting process which you can easily do. To fully make your plumbing system function as its best, regular maintenance is the key. When you see that you can’t do something with the problem then you can always call for professional help.

How To Clear Bathroom Clogs In Simple Steps

Clogs are everywhere – from tubs, bathroom sinks and toilets. So, let us help show you how to clear out those disturbing clogs as soon as possible.

First, start lifting the stopper lever up to the closed position. Then, unscrew the retaining nut which holds the pivot rod in position and pull the pivot rod out of the drain pipe in order to release the stopper. You can find most of the degree in and around the stopper. Clean the area using a small wire brush.

A probing tool or also known as a grabbing tool can be a good tool to use to stick down the drain to remove the clog. You can find this tool in any Plumbing Supplies store in Australia.

Clear a Clog under the Sink

If the clog still persists, you need to go below the sink and clean the sink drain trap. Prepare the following for this step: a bucket, a small wire brush and channel type pliers which you can purchase from any plumbing services store in Sydney. The first thing to do is to place the bucket under the trap to catch debris and water. Using the channel-type pliers loosen the slip nuts on the trap bend. Then unscrew the nuts with your hand and get them away from the connectors. Then by using a small wire brush, remove the pipe and clean out all the debris and rinse with water. Put back the trap bend in its original place and tighten the slip nuts using the channel-type pliers thoroughly.

In order to protect pipes from scrapes, just place duct tape on the end of wrench before you use it on pipes.

Clear a Plunger-type Drain

In case of a plunger-type drain, have the screws removed on the cover plate. Remove the cover plate carefully and all the apparatus from the opening of the overflow drain. Using a small wire brush, clean all debris from the links and also the plunger pieces of hardware. This site contains useful plumbing info:

Whenever you feel that something is not right with your plumbing system, it is always best that professionals will come to assist you solve whatever problems may be present. You can be assured of positive results and that you can always trust that they give you high quality results you can always rely on to. That is the best thing about having professional plumbing services to get in your way.


Why You Need To Pay Close Attention To Your Plumbing Works?

There are a lot of plumbing complaints that most homeowners have at home. It could be that their drain is clogged, or that their sewers are not functioning; while there are also some that are affected by the leaking showers or faucets for that matter. Whenever you are having all these problems at home, then you must immediately call expert professional for help who will assist and help you all the way. You do not want that your comfort at home will be delayed, and that is why, you need to solve all these issues immediately.

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There are so many benefits that you will essentially enjoy when you are going to call the right people for all the drain issues that you may be having. You can always be functional when you know that these professionals are going to help and assist you all throughout.

Warning Signs Of A Leaking Shower

Did you know that one in three households in Australia are effected with one of the following symptoms…

Mouldy or swollen skirting boards, dampness or mould build up

Paint peeling on bathroom walls or downstairs ceiling

Damp musty smell, wet carpet or wallpaper

Stained timbers under the house or sub floor

Cracked or loose tiles in the shower

Missing & cracked grout in the shower recess

These are the signs that your shower could be leaking and require repair.

The most common causes are:

Building movement (especially in the second floor of a house)

Inadequate waterproofing (product application not done properly)

Tiles laid too soon (membrane can’t dry before tiles are laid)

No fall to the waste (constant risk of water damage)

Screens not sealed correctly (water can easily escape the cubicle)

When you have a leaking shower, it’s best to contact a professional plumber. Trying to solve the problem on your own is messy and can even be dangerous. At Network Plumbing, we can help. To learn more about plumbing works, click here…

It is important that you will read on some important insights about plumbing; so that you can gain knowledge on basic troubleshooting whenever you are going to encounter plumbing problems. You can be assured of the right results when you are going to know the basic troubleshooting tips about the plumbing industry. There are certain matters that you have to put at heart so that you can always get things done at home when you have to.

Plumbing Industry Insights from Australia

The plumbing industry is integral to the Australian economy. The reason for this is that pipes are used in every building in Australia. The services offered by the plumbing industry include the installation, repair and maintenance of pipes.

Industry Description

There are 50,250 plumbers in Australia and another 30,000 people that are employed within the industry across a variety of roles. The plumbing industry is highly fragmented with 25,250 businesses in Australia. There are many small contractors; 51% of businesses have no employees and 48% have between one and 19 employees. The average revenue is $514,851 and the average profit is $67,327. Profits accounts for 12.7% of revenue.

The industry is highly regulated with strict product and installation compliance requirements. Most plumbers focus on a narrow geographic area or a specialised service. There are some larger players in the market, however, their focus is on long term maintenance. Facilities management firms are expected to grow in the future as large long-term contracts across many trades are expected to increase.

Market Conditions

The industry has experienced variable demand conditions since the early 2000s. There has been solid growth over the past 5 years despite poor demand from most building markets. Industry revenue has increased annually by an average by 0.9% over the past 5 years to total $13 billion in revenue for this year. Demand from commercial building construction is expected to increase by 1.1% and new housing which is predicted to decrease by 1.7% this year. The low interest rates currently set by the Reserve Bank of Australia are expected to stimulate household spending and business expenditure.

In the past the global financial crisis has resulted in a decrease in demand from business and consumers. However, federal government economy stimulus resulted in an increased demand for plumbing services. The first home owner’s grant, the education construction stimulus and the solar hot-water systems government rebates have all resulted in steady growth for the industry. Regardless of government stimulus, the number of plumbing businesses contracted during 2012-13 by 3.4%. The withdrawal of government stimulus has had a negative impact on the industry.

Natural disaster relief provided by plumbers to the residents affected by the 2010-2011 Queensland floods provided a boost for the industry.

The market demand for plumbers is made up of 40% residential building companies, 30% non-residential builders and property managers, 20% households and residential property managers. The geographical distribution of plumbers mirrors the population and construction areas. Supplemental plumbing facts are found on this site:

Plumbing is something that has to be taken seriously, although it is something that is often overlooked by most homeowners. You must ensure that there is regular maintenance in the plumbing works that you have at home so that you can be assured of great results in the end. You must be able to see how the plumbing works can fully give you a life of comfort at home—and you can enjoy so, when you regularly maintain your plumbing system in its peak form.


Backflow Testing: What is It and Why is It Necessary?

Here at Best Plumbing, we offer services to help with all of your residential and commercial plumbing needs. Backflow prevention and testing is a necessity for apartment and condominium buildings, restaurants, and other public places. Local municipal codes often require annual backflow testing, so if your property or business needs professional help, call Best Plumbing! We provide backflow prevention devices and testing in the greater Seattle area.

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What is Backflow?

Backflow is contaminated water that has reversed flow, thereby entering clean water lines to homes and businesses. This is typically caused by a significant change in water pressure, from a burst water main, frozen pipe, or unexpectedly high demand on the water system. Backflow can occur at any cross-connection between clean and dirty water in residential, commercial, or industrial water lines. Backflow may contain hazardous materials like human waste, pesticides, or chemicals, so it poses a serious health concern.

Backflow Prevention and Testing

To safeguard against backflow, a backflow prevention device may be installed. In the case of an unexpected or dramatic change in water pressure, this device will prevent backflow from entering the clean water supply. However, it is important that this device is properly installed and tested to ensure that the clean water line remains free of contaminants.

Municipal codes require annual testing of backflow prevention devices to ensure that they are functioning properly. If testing is not completed on time, your property or business’ water supply might be interrupted and you may be fined. That is why we recommend scheduling backflow testing well ahead of time.

Fortunately, Best Plumbing is here to help! We provide a variety of backflow-related services in Seattle and Bellevue, including backflow prevention device installation and testing. Call us to schedule testing for your business or property.

Visit for more information from the original source.


Essential Plumbing Information To Be Familiar Of

It is unthinkable that any homeowner will overlook at the importance of a good plumbing system. How would you even manage to shower, or drink and wash your dishes when you do not have a good plumbing system at home. Plumbing, to simply put it, takes care about all the water that is coming out and going in of your house. There are certainly a lot more reasons as to why plumbing is really essential.

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Plumbing works is not solely about water works at home. It is also concerned with heating the tank as well as the water used in washing machine. Thus, as a responsible homeowner, it is a must that you have that little keep up with a few details about how you can effectively run the system in your house. It would also be advantageous that you learn about the different aspects of the works of a plumber.

Interview With Carlie Low – Brisbane Plumbing Inspector and Investigator

Has anyone inspired you while you did your apprenticeship?

No one really inspired me throughout my apprenticeship or should I maybe say my father. His dedication to his family run business and giving 110% to his clients made it all more rewarding and worthwhile. His passion for plumbing and protecting the community is why I was so drawn in also to do plumbing as a trade.

Where do you work in the plumbing industry now and how did you get to your current position?

I work for local government (Brisbane City Council) as a Plumbing Inspector/Investigator. I actually won an award after my apprenticeship and a few months after the awards ceremony I was contacted via a Plumbing Inspector asking if he could pass my details onto the Chief Plumbing Manager at the time and after an interview, my new career path started.

What are the challenges of being a plumbing inspector and how do you handle them?

When I first started, it was a combination of being a female and being so young so I just had to prove that I could do my job just as good as the males, if not better. I don’t really face too many challenges now – well ones that I would classify as a challenge. Get more info from here…

When you understand the works of a plumber, then you will know who are those that are experts in the field and those that truly know how to manage and deal with their customers. It is essential for you to understand how they work, so you can empathize and see for yourself the hard work they have rendered to you.

Gas Fitter Like Lemon Butter (Well This One Does)!

After another recent visit, we left with more lemons and a lemon butter recipe!

We’re yet to test it out, but we bet it’s a good old fashioned recipe that will work a treat.

We do have the nicest customers. More information can be found from the original article at

Plumbing is without a doubt truly important. And when you know who is the right professional that you must call for help, then you will surely save so much money. Keep in mind that every home needs a plumbing system to be able to get with all the necessities.

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Essential Plumbing Works Every Homeowner Must Know

Trends come and go, and so, homeowners should understand that there are different plumbing essentials that they should keep up with. In order that you will have a beautiful home, then it is a must that you check on the latest plumbing jobs that you can get your hands into. Looking at the aesthetics will surely enliven the beauty of your home. That is why, a good home is one filled with the essential plumbing fixtures, that not only looks great, but also functions astonishingly.

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 As you go on different home improvement warehouses, then the trend that you will see when it comes to plumbing fixtures such as tap faucets, would include those made up of copper and marble. While a few terracotta, and natural ones are also a staple. It is essential to see what really can catch your eye so that you will know what to put in your home.

Are These The Tap Faucets Of The Future?

In terms of functionality, I think the water pressure would annoy me, or maybe it’s something you get used to?

They are definitely a work of art – more like a water feature in your basin and a different take on the metallic mixers that are a popular choice in retail, commercial and domestic spaces.

Ironically terracotta, clay and rust are big trends for interiors this season.

Despite the visual appeal of these spouts, I’m not sure if they will ever come into production. I wouldn’t want to know the cost to purchase one of them.

In terms of design they are definitely different and challenge the standard taps we see in all bathrooms. Read more!

Aesthetics is just a part and parcel of what the plumbing system you should have at home. It is important to also pay attention about the functionality of  what you are putting at home. Thus, as a homeowner, you must research and read on various plumbing fixtures to somehow get familiar with all important matters. To look closely at a water system is something that needs to be checked as well.

What Does The Tempering Valve On My Hot Water System Do?

A tempering valve mixes your hot and cold water to deliver water out of your hot tap at a constant temperature, reducing the risk of accidental scalding.

Tempering valves have a temperature sensitive element which adjusts the mix depending on the temperature of the incoming water flowing through the valve.  The mechanism is a sliding valve that varies the ratio of hot and cold water that is allowed to pass.  The valve is designed to maintain a constant outlet temperature.

Plumbers are required to make any adjustments to the valve.

To prevent bacteria growth, particularly legionnaires, hot water should be set at a minimum of 60°C in your hot water unit cylinder, and then regulated for your bathing outlets, through the tempering valve, to between 38°C – 50°C .

It’s so important to make sure that your hot water unit is set to the correct temperature. More facts to learn from the original article source:

Being hands on when it comes to your plumbing works at home will certainly make you satisfied about the kind of plumbing system installed. When you are knowledgeable about certain fixtures, then it is easy for you to actually maintain the plumbing system; and that you will be more alert and in the lookout for any possible damages in your plumbing system.

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Why You Need The Best Plumber To Assist You?

When you have some complicated projects at home that is involving plumbing, then plumbers should always enter the picture. It is not advisable that you will try to solve the plumbing needs all on your own, as it is for certain, that you will only be saddened with the results. These plumbing technicians will play a crucial role to safeguard you from any hazards that may arise as a result of plumbing.

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You will see that the best plumber that you will be happily working with, is one that is able to blend technology with that of experience, and that they are those that will give you the best quote, such that it is complete with site pictures and proposals. Which  is why, it is always a must that you ask for quote of the possible services that you will possibly get from a reliable plumber.

Should Plumber Quotes Be Free?

Just like a consultation fee with your surgeon to plan and discuss your procedure before you go “under the knife”. I’ve paid for that experience. It was money well spent. If your plumber charges for a quote, you’re more likely to get a professional and well considered opinion for your problem and he should offer a number of alternatives to suit your home and your budget.

Quite often your plumber will deduct the quote fee from the price of the job, so effectively you end up with a free quote.

Plumbers are real people too.We get quotes for projects on our own homes and gardens, cars and boats, pets and holidays and occasionally the quote is more than we expected. I’ll usually ask questions and discuss the task with the professional providing the service.
With a better understanding of “what” and “why” the quote is so, I can ask for recommendations and if necessary, scale back the project without compromising my home.

Then, depending on my budget, I’d undertake the entire project or just a part of it. More discussions here…

In fact, you can also expect that your plumber is going to help you out with your cold and hot water system, as they are experienced and skilled in dealing with such a complicated system. They will assure you that everything will go on as planned, because they are equipped with the best tools at hand.

Extending The Life Of Your Hot Water System

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure reducing valves are designed to provide accurate pressure control on the inlet side of the hot water system. Fluctuating water pressures will put unnecessary pressure on the internal wall of your tank.

TPR valve

The primary function of the temperature pressure relief valve (TPR) is to release any build up of excess tank pressure. If your TPR valve is continually running, it nay be an indication that it is time to have it replaced. It may also be an indication that the pressure reducing valve, if fitted may not be operating correctly and may need replacing.

Sacrificial Anode

Located internally in your mains pressure hot water system is the sacrificial anode.

This “magnesium” anode is installed by the manufacturer to prevent the tank from rusting. Unfortunately after about 5 years when the anode stops working as efficiently, your hot water system can begin to rapidly rust. Once this happens, the whole unit will need to be replaced. Details here…

All these undertakings can be made possible because a high class plumber is able to extend assistance to you. In spite of the troubles that may be present in your plumbing system at home, you can expect that these professionals will face whatever problems head on, to give you a satisfactory result.

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